Significant Achievements of SPTM

1 SPTM has established a model of mass movement, in modern times, in  which absolutely any citizen can participate with great ease and contribute with a simple positive visible action.

Result: SPTM membership is in thousands and growing day by day.

2 This model also has demonstrated how busy working people can contribute small chunks of time and drive improvement/change.

Example: Team of 3 SPTM members spent 15 minutes per week (i.e. just one hour per month) each for following up with PMC ward office to get Zebras in their area painted!

3 Instead of a typical 'We-only-demand-from-you' or 'Finding-your-faults-is-our-birth-right' models of interacting with autories, SPTM established the model of 'We-do-our-duty-first-and-then-demand-from-you', and 'we-team-up-and-appreciate-your-positive-actions' model of collaborative working with governing authorities.

Example: As a part of Mission 10vi Pass, SPTM pushed action regarding Zebra-Stop Line violation, teamed up with Police on road and 10,000 violations were fined in 3 days (15-16-17 April 2010) .

4 Made significant efforts for providing clear answer to the "What are traffic rules to be followed?" question from citizens.

Result: Comprehensive Traffic Rules handbook which has been verified by traffic police and RTO representatives. Available in English and Marathi and can be downloaded free from this website.

5 Several eminent citizens have appreciated SPTM and expressed support for it.. To see details, please click here.. 

SPTM conceptualized a network of such eminent people, called BeaconNet.

Additional Important points to be mentioned..

1 SPTM model has also established how various citizen groups can easily contribute to this citizen movement by spreading the spirit of SPTM in their domain.

Example: See what some organization heads have said about SPTM.

2 SPTM school program Kavach is different.. It is focused on school students, but also touches School staff & parents to be role models for students.. Conducted at several places. See more details in past activites.
3 In 2004, SPTM launched a network of doctors called BeaconNet+, which was supported by IMA (Indian Medical Association) and renowned (Padmabhushan) Dr.K.H.Sancheti agreed to be its president. See the details and letters from them regarding this.