Help needed!

Help needed!



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Volunteers needed!

We have started with the following activities and would like to strengthen their respective teams.

1) Getting zebra stripes painted:  Our data shows that about a sixth of the road accident fatalities are pedestrians trying to cross a road.  Therefore we are trying to improve the pedestrian crossing facilities.  We have teams working with PMC ward offices, but most of them would be glad to have more volunteers.

Expected effort:  About one phone call a week, and an occasional visit to the ward office (typically once in two months).  If you can do that, please write to Jayant Joshi (

2) Distributing reflective tapes in schools:  Children returning from schools and classes in evenings can be vulnerable because traffic is high in evenings and visibility is low.  SPTM wants to distribute reflective tapes to as many children as possible - they can affix these tapes on their backpacks, water bottles, caps, ... whatever, so that they can be seen easily by drivers.

Expected effort:  If you know the principal of any school very well and can arrange distribution of these reflective tapes, please write to Archana Joshi (

Sponsors needed!

Some of the items in the table are ongoing activities, some are upcoming activities that are being planned and the rest are ideas waiting for funds.  This list is not final - more and more ideas may come up in future.

Sr No Description Funds needed

Distribute reflective tapes to school children.  Our target is at least 50,000 children (about 75 schools).

Rs. 1,000 for one class,
Rs. 5,000 for one standard,
Rs. 20,000 to 50,000 for one school.


Conduct Traffic Safety quizzes in colleges.  Offer helmets signed by a celebrity and T shirts as prizes.  Cover about 50 colleges.

Rs. 1,000 per helmet, Rs. 250 per T shirt.
Rs. 5,000 for one college.


A yearlong hoarding that acts as Pune city's "score board" of accident fatalities.

Rs. 50-75,000 per month.

A mascot for the campaign goes around the city, urging people not to wear headphones while driving.

Rs. 2,500 for one evening x about 50 evenings throughout the year.

Conduct safe driving workshops for PMPML drivers.

Rs. 10,000 for a DVD player and a large monitor x 2 such sets.

Road shows and street plays to make the city aware of the campaign.

To be evaluated. 

If you would like to donate any amount for any of these activities, please write to

Thanks and regards,
- "Save 100 Lives!" team.