Ideas, ideas, ideas...

Ideas, ideas, ideas...



The following activities are only ideas as of now.  They will move to upcoming activities after we prioritize them and identify resources they need (volunteers as well as funds).

We would like to stress that "Save 100 Lives!" is not only SPTM's campaign - it is the city's campaign.  Therefore, if you have liked an idea and want to execute it, please do go ahead!  Please use the campaign's logo, however.

  1. Put up 1-2 hoardings at strategic locations that act as the city's "score board" of fatal accidents.  These hoardings will be updated at least once a month.
  2. There would be a mascot for the campaign.  The mascot would go to chowks with signals and urge people not to wear headphones while driving, congratulate 2-wheeler riders wearing helmets.  It would also go to schools, parks and several such places and give appropriate messages to people.
  3. SPTM volunteers would conduct safe driving workshops for PMPML drivers.  They would be conducted in PMC as well as PCMC areas.  An abridged version of Dr Adhiraj Joglekar's DVD "Driving a Cultural Change in India" would be used for these workshops.
  4. Road shows and street plays to make the city aware of the campaign could be held in parks, along sidewalks, on hills, at theatres and cinema halls where people are waiting to get inside.

If you want to suggest more activities, please write a mail to!

Thanks & regards,
- "Save 100 Lives! team.