Upcoming activities

Upcoming activities


Updated: 23-Aug-2012.

The campaign will have several activities as we progress.  They can be categorized in the following four "Activity Groups":

  • AG-2: Aimed at safeguarding 2-wh riders.
  • AG-P: Aimed at safeguarding pedestrians.
  • AG-A: Analysis: Identify specific hot spots, affected age groups and focus on them.
  • AG-C: Weaving all activities together in a city-wide campaign.

The following activities are being planned and will start in near future.

  1. AG-P: Distribute reflective tapes to thousands of school students to make them more easily visible in traffic in evening.
  2. AG-A: Work with Pune Traffic Police and analyze data on fatal accidents.  Identify intersections and stretches of roads where several fatal accidents have happened.  Determine any infrastructure issues that ma have led to the accidents.
  3. AG-A: Work with PMC to fix the infrastructure issues identified in #1 above.
  4. AG-C: Get monthly accident statistics from Traffic Police and publicize it in newspapers, even on a hoarding if possible.