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Save Pune Traffic Movement

Action for Pune Development

Pune Traffic Police

Bridgestone India Pvt Ltd

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Dear friends,

You very well know how unsafe and irritating the traffic in Pune has become. Sometimes the drivers cause these problems and sometimes pedestrians; but many times the layout of the road or the chowk is the root cause. People who use the road everyday know exactly what needs to be done to fix the layout, but don't know whom to tell about it and how.

Save Pune Traffic Movement (SPTM), Action for Pune Development, Pune Traffic Police and Bridgestone Road Safety Education Program are providing you a novel way to give your suggestions. All you have to do is this- make a 3D model or a 2D sketch of what needs to be done to improve the layout of a specific road or chowk in Pune and enter it in the competition "Parivartan-2016".

Shown above: 1st prize winning entry (Open category) from Parivartan-2013.


We're sure you must be having several questions in mind, like-

Please see the rules and regulations of the competition to get answers of such questions.

Last date for registration is now extended to Friday, 19th February 2016.  Please fill in this form to register your entry!

The competition is in 3 categories: Schools, colleges and an open category.  And yes, it carries attractive prizes!

Then what are you waiting for… start making the model! You would be displaying the model in an exhibition on Sunday, 21st February 2016. That's not too far away…


See you on 21st February then, at the exhibition!

Yours truly,

Rajendra Sidhaye
Aakash Shah
Sarang Awad
Pune Traffic Police
Ajay Sevekari
Bridgestone India Pvt Ltd


Winners of Parivartan-2016

Category Winner
School, 1st Agharkar High School for Girls, Pune-11
School, 2nd Beena English medium School
School, 3rd A. W. Sindhu Vidya Bhavan
School, Special mention Delhi Public School
School, Special mention New English School, Sasanenagar
College+Open, 1st B.K.P.S. College of Architecture (Kartiki Pataskar and team)
College+Open, 2nd Karishma-A8-603 (Ravindra Raste)
College+Open, 3rd ARAI Academy (Amit Chege and team)