Support SPTM -because YOU are a direct beneficiary!

Many of us support NGOs that help persons from financially or socially deprived sections of the society.  There is no doubt that many of these NGOs do outstanding work and need our support.

But consider this- how would you react if a large airplane crashed in Pune every year, year after year?  And a similar airplane in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Nagpur, Nashik...?  You would raise a hue and cry, wouldn't you?

How do you react when more than 200 persons are killed in road crashes in Pune every year?  What makes you feel "मेरा नंबर नहीं आयेगा"?

To make our roads safer,

  • Someone needs to run a campaign to increase usage of helmets
  • Someone needs to make PMC improve our zebras and pedestrian signals
  • Someone needs to help PMC design walkable footpaths
  • Someone needs to train drivers to stop before stop lines
  • And someone needs to weave such activities in a "Pune Road Safety Campaign"

SPTM is that "someone", and we are working to save your and our lives!

We need generous financial support-

  • To conduct campaigns and capacity building workshops.
  • To conduct surveys, so that our city takes data-driven, objective decisions.
  • And for advocacy, so that the government organizations implement projects to make Pune safer.


Help us help you!