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Officials' contacts (Please also see Resources > Informative Links)

PMC Ward Offices: Ward Officers' contacts, Addresses (locations) of ward offices

Traffic Police Divisional Heads (called "Mikes")

Traffic Police Control Room: 26122000 (26123520 is old no).

Traffic Police helpline: 8888004455 (SMS only) - for providing info, lodging complaint.

Complaints and updates

PMPML Helpline for Complaints: Tel: 24503355, SMS only: 9881495589.

To get/ stop updates on traffic jams from Pune Traffic Police:
SMS "join ptp" or "leave ptp" to: 0-92195-92195.
Note: you need to disable "DND" ("Do not disturb") first.

RTA's toll free number to lodge a complaint/ make suggestion about auto rick/ taxi/ bus in Pune: 1800-2330012.

If you want to make a complaint in writing: Download RTA's Complaint form.  RTA says that your name will not be disclosed.

Also for rickshaws:

1) Traffic Police Control Room: Call (24 hrs) 26123520. Road Transport Authority: Call (10 am - 5:45 pm) 26051414, 27492828. Fax (24 hrs): 26058282.

2) By SMS: Send the following SMS to 59994. Please note the spaces between the terms below.

rtopune rick-number complaint location date time

Here "complaint" should be very short, like demand excess fare/ refuse to ply/ arrogant behaviour etc.

PMC Complaints: pmcwebn/gen_comp/reg_complaint.asp

Other NGOs working on traffic in Pune

Parisar, Pedestrians First, Pune Cycle Pratishthan, PMP Pravasi Manch

General information

Rickshaw tariff: in effect from 2-Nov-2011.

The rickshaw fare should be calculated as per the following formula: (Tariff as per meter * 10) + Rs. 1.

Example: If meter reading is 4.20, fare would be (4.20 * 10) + 1 = Rs. 43.


Traffic rules by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (2017)

Booklet of rules prepared by SPTM in ~2002 (For historical purposes): English, Marathi

Safer Pedestrian Crossings Policy Proposal

Proposal to revamp the signal system in Pune

Proposal to improve Kothrud Depot junction

Parking restrictions in Pune: 02-Sep-10

Autorickshaw stands in Pune: 30-Aug-10

Note accident details: Always keep this form in your vehicle.

PMC Guidelines and policies

PMC's Pedestrian Policy

PMC's Street Design Guidelines