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Thank you for choosing to join the movement!

SPTM is a united force of responsible citizens. All you need to do to join SPTM is:

  • Be responsible: Follow traffic rules by choice.
  • Unite: Fill up the form below, and stay connected with us.

That's all! Everything else is optional, like attending our meetings, actual participation in other activities.

Yet, please take a couple of minutes to thoroughly understand our philosophy, before filling up the form to join SPTM.

  • SPTM in a nutshell
  • What if I do not know all rules?
  • Sometimes you really are forced to break rules.
  • What else is expected from SPTM members, apart from following traffic rules?

SPTM in a nutshell

Save Pune Traffic Movement is a Movement for achieving complete transformation of the traffic situation in Pune. We intend to do it by creating a united force of responsible citizens.

United: Many citizens do good things, but individually. They give good suggestions to Traffic Police, PMC etc. However, many times they cannot sustain their efforts because of lack of time. If we are united, we can pool our resources & help each other. Also, the concerned authorities see that a large mass is supporting a certain suggestion, compelling them to listen to us.

Force: SPTM is not a "let us follow traffic rules and feel good" movement. We pool our energies to demand our right to better traffic & follow it up relentlessly.

Responsible citizens: Of course, while doing so, our slate must be clean. We cannot pester PMC to keep the signals in working condition but not follow them ourselves! Needless to say, there aren't any traffic rules where "it is ummm... ok to break sometimes". We must do our duty of following all traffic rules all the time. Only then can we demand that others do their duty as well.

and finally, Movement: You can join SPTM regardless of whether you are already a part of any other group/ forum about traffic improvement. There is no membership fee. There aren't any meetings that one must attend. Please join, and spread the word among your friends & colleagues!

What if I do not know all rules?

You should make an effort to understand all traffic rules. A copy of traffic rules can be obtained from the "downloads" section.

If you come across a rule you didn't know earlier, you must start following it from that day.

Sometimes you really are forced to break rules. What to do in such situations?

The list below is not intended to be exhaustive. Yet, we hope it helps clarify our stand on following traffic rules "all the time".

  • Taking a left turn on red signal is not allowed in India. There must be a green/ amber signal that explicitly permits a left turn.
  • There is no such thing as "there are no one-ways after midnight & before 6 am."
  • At a red signal, you must stop your vehicle before the stop line (or where you think the stop line should be, if it is not visible). You must not cross the stop line or take a left on red just because someone relentlessly honked from behind.
  • Genuine human mistakes do happen, e.g. you can get lost in thoughts & jump a red signal. However, you must accept that as a mistake & not justify it as "I had to jump the light because I was running late."
  • If a signal or a road sign is broken, but you know what it should be, you must follow the understood sign/ signal instead of saying, "Good, I don't have to wait at this signal today!"
  • If all signals are red because of a malfunction, you can proceed after waiting for enough time to convince yourself that there really is a malfunction.
  • Signs of slower speed limit that are posted during road construction are sometimes not removed. Use your judgment to figure out such cases.

As we said, this list is not exhaustive. We insist that SPTM members follow all traffic rules unconditionally, but this insistance is practical, not eccentric. :) We are fine as long as you do not cheat the "man in the mirror"!

If you have any question about following traffic rules "all the time", please write to us

What else is expected from SPTM members, apart from following traffic rules?

1. If all regular drivers of your vehicle agree to take the same commitment, put up a sticker of the Movement on your vehicle that says "I am proud to follow traffic rules."

2. We can succeed only if all of us tell our like-minded friends and colleagues about SPTM and urge them to join. Only when we become noticeably large, will we really generate a force to make a difference in the city.

3. Stay connected! We will add your name to a Yahoogroup that is more like a "register on the net". Please do not worry about having to handle a flood of emails... this Yahoogroup is heavily moderated, and generates only 15-20 emails a month!

Now please fill up the form to join SPTM.